How to Apply For Graduate International Admission

This web page is designed to help the prospective graduate student to apply for admission online. It is strongly suggested you print or keep this page active if you are new to entering data on online forms.

Although the Graduate School continuously accepts applications year-round, it is strongly suggested that you meet published admission deadlines. Late applications are automatically transferred to the next upcoming term, without notice to the student.

Instructions for Applying Online

Step 1: Apply online

To apply online click the "Apply Online" link in the column on the left side of this page.  The CSU X-press window will open. Please select "Apply for Admission".  Create a new account by selecting "First time user account creation" and you will be asked to create a login ID and a 6-digit password. If you are an active undergraduate student or a graduate-at-large student changing to degree status, you may use the login ID/PIN you currently use to access the system.

Step 2: Select your application

Applications for admission are based on the status or the type of applicant seeking admission to the university. There are several application types available on the drop down menu once you have set up your new account and selected your admission term. The following online applications are currently available:

Domestic/Permanent ResidentInternationalGraduate Master/Graduate Certificate (G1)Graduate -Master (G2)Graduate – Nondegree/at-Large (G3)  Graduate – Readmit Nondegree (G4) 

Step 3: Select your term of enrollment
Select the term of admission.
(If the term is not available, the deadline has probably passed for the term indicated or applications are not being accepted at this time.)

Step 4: The Application Checklist Page

The Checklist page contains all of the sections for the application type that you have selected. Each time that you complete one of the sections, a red check appears next to that section's name. When you have completed all sections for your application type, you may move forward.   If you use a dial up service to access the Internet, be advised that the following page contains descriptions and screen images which may slow your download time.

Step 5 : How to send the money?

Options to pay the application fee:

  • Please submit online payment via credit card through our secure online payment website. Note, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 
  • By calling the Cashiers 773-995-2029 to pay by phone.
  • If you cannot pay your fee via credit/debit card mail check or money order to:

Chicago State University
Graduate Admissions
9501 S King Dr. ADM 200
Chicago, IL 60628

Be cautious and do not make payment more than once, as no refunds will be issued.

Once we receive your online payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a fee payment code. Please fill in your payment confirmation code on your Signature Page in the space provided.

Please note, applications will not be processed without payment.

Step 6: Order Transcripts

Official transcripts from all institutions ever attended are required. An official transcript is not required for Chicago State University earned credits, except that applicants to the Social Work Program must provide an official copy of their CSU transcript. Pick them up yourself and send with the signature page or have the institutions send them out to us.

Step 7: Other Required Documents/Credentials

The following programs required the applicant to submit additional documents and/or credentials for admission consideration. These documents may be letters of recommendation or verification of work experience. These items should be sent with the signature page.

Many of these forms can be accessed in Microsoft Word format from the Graduate School website by clicking here.