Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology Division (ITD) is committed to create and maintain IT service delivery that drives innovation, to provide its faculty, staff, and students with an integrated, secured, and advanced technology infrastructure that is broadly-accessible to people who need it when they need it and where they need it.

ITD will strategically foster a working environment with its user community to advise and direct on enterprising technological services that allow the User to make the most efficient and beneficial business decisions. ITD will ensure that its services provide technological resources that are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the University and meet its goals of:

  1. Focusing emphasizes on providing a reliable and secured network infrastructure that facilitates dependable computing environment, essential help-desk service, and comprehensive applications delivery.
  2. Provide highly efficient, secure, and reliable applications services to promote automation, integration and simplifies functions and operations. Incorporate IT service management best practices including change, incident, project management, and help desk operations to provide transparency in the delivery of IT services.

Services Offered

  1. Departmental Applications Supported
    1. Banner (Required Internet Explorer)
    2. BDMS
    3. WorkFlow
    4. ODS/EDW/Cognos
    5. BI Reporting
  2. Student Administrative System Support
    1. Cougar Connect
    2. Jaggaer
    3. Evisions
    4. eInvoice
    5. Assetworks
    6. TMS
    7. OmniUpdate
  3. Web Services
    1. Contact Us
    2. OU Campus Tutorial
    3. Website Editors & Publishers
  1. Video Production/Recording
  2. Webcast Services
  3. Event Production Setups/Support(Projection/PA systems)
  4. DVD Duplication(Limited)
  1. CSU Helpdesk
    1. Ticket Creation/Assignment/Resolution
    2. Remote Desktop Support/Assessment(Bomgar)
    3. TBS Pay for Printing
    4. NAL Public Computing Support
  2. PC/Desktop Support
    1. Software/Application Installs
    2. Email Client Install/Configuration
    3. User Profile Configuration/Reset(Active Directory)
    4. System Imaging/Updates
    5. Hard drive/Data wipe(Limited)
    6. User Data Backup/Transfer
  3. Helpful E-mail Tips
  4. HelpDesk
  5. Contact Us